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The Radiation It’s Official—Cell Phone radiation is hazardous to your health!

You may think we have always known cigarettes and asbestos are hazardous to our health. But that’s not so. There was a time when both of those things were considered harmless. Sometimes it takes years to find out the truth, and we’re just beginning to learn the truth about cell phone radiation right now.

Over the past two years, the number of documented cases of breast cancer, brain tumors, dementia and memory loss linked to cell phone radiation from authoritative sources has increased dramatically. The World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation in the same category as lead and mercury. A new documentary film called “Mobilize” features a slew of well-known and respected industry and political insiders who believe the health hazards of cell phone radiation are worse than we think, and hopes the film will finally begin to draw attention to it as TV, News and the media in general appear disinterested in covering the issue.

The threat of cell phone radiation is undeniably real, but you can take steps to protect yourself and your family by getting R2L’s for all their phones TODAY!

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