Dr. Peer has done an extraordinary job to alleviate the pain in my rotator cup. I’ve had that shoulder pain for years. In just a few weeks with adjustments and laser therapy my pain is completely gone. Her massage therapist has done amazing work on my TMJ which has stopped my head aches and the reduced the pain in my jaw. I highly recommend Peer Chiropractic they are unlike any other chiropractic office I’ve ever been to, providing the best care with a modern approach without all the hard twisting and cracking that I was used from my old chiropractor.
Moe S.

Dr. Peer is very knowledgeable and offers her chiropractic care in a warm and welcoming environment. Her use of cold laser therapy brought me to her practice for treatment of my sciatica. My pain and discomfort level went from a 10 to 1 in a very short amount of time. As an added benefit, my 15-year condition of Restless Leg Syndrome is now non-existent!! Her use of up-to-date technologies as part of her chiropractic care demonstrates her commitment to her patients’ improved health and wellness. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Janet W.

I have had chronic pain in both of my knees for over a year now. After trying many different techniques to relieve this pain, I mentioned it to Dr. Peer. After ONE treatment, I had amazing results. I didn’t have any pain for an entire week straight, and after my 3rd treatment of laser, I was finally able to run again without sharp pain shooting through my knees and down to my ankles. I am more than thrilled I found Dr. Peer, and the amazing results shes provided for me left me speechless!! I recommend to anyone who has chronic pain to give it a try!! You won’t be disappointed!!!!
Morgan C.