I did Zerona body contouring with Dr Peer. Excellent service and excellent results. I lost 6 inches from my waist with 6 treatments!
– Deborah T.

I’m a 31-year-old female, 5’7” and 135 lbs. I have never been overweight and have always had a naturally athletic build, however I struggled with a belly ‘pooch’ after giving birth to my daughter. This stubborn fat around my stomach just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did at the gym. So after a lot of frustration I began researching my options. That’s when I discovered Zerona and decided to give it a try.

I purchased 9 sessions. I didn’t notice anything right away, but gradually over a few sessions I could see the difference – probably starting around the 4th or 5th session. Having just had my final session last week, I’m now down 5 inches around my stomach – which may not sound like a lot but for me it’s a huge difference.
I should also add that everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly and supportive staff.

Thank You Dr. Peer.

– Stacey F. ~ 07/18/2014

I just had my follow up appointment after nine zerona treatments. I have lost a total of 6 inches around my hips and thighs. Dr. Peer is a terrific doctor her time and care is unlike any doctor I have ever been to. Thanks.

– Tracy J. ~ 08/04/2013

I needed a kick start to get my weight loss going and loose inches quickly. When I saw the results that a friend was having from Zerona, I knew that I had to jump on board. Lost 11.75 inches in 3 weeks – how exciting and motivating. Thanks Dr. Peer. Your services and professionalism are awesome.

– Noreen M. ~ 02/14/2013

LOVE. How I look. !! Thank you Dr. Peer…keepin’ it going.

– Mary Louise C. Posted on Facebook 01/21/2013

Thank you Dr. Peer for jump starting my New Year resolution to better health, The Zerona treatments is what I needed to kick me into gear for 2013.

– Rachel L. ~ Posted on Facebook 01/13/2013

I workout four times a week, I have three little children. I am pleased with the way the rest of my body looks but It has been a struggle for me to lose the extra bit of fat around my stomach after my son was born. I have seen the Zerona ads in the gym so I decided to give Dr. Peer a call. I recently completed nine treatments of Zerona, I was able to lose ten inches. I feel tighter around my stomach and hips. I am very pleased with my results, also Dr. Peer made me feel very comfortable.

- Jenna W. ~ November 27, 2012